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Growing up, most children will have to face a monster at some point in their lives. Some might creep in their closets and some underneath the bed, but regardless of where they come from, they are always a creation of the young and fearful mind. I also had a monster growing up; however, I never had to use my imagination.  My beast was real and lived on the other side of my bedroom wall. The first 18 years of my life were spent suffering the consequences of someone with a short temper and a thirst for blood. By the age of 19, I would have to relearn how to love and trust again.

Monster on the 7th chronicles my life from childhood to adulthood, where I was surrounded by a world of violence and addiction in the Bronx, New York.  The poems in this book describe my experiences with family, church, mental illness and suicide-including my decade long battle with substance abuse.  I quickly learned how to survive while holding on to my own sanity.

When I left New York City, I discovered that writing would one day save my life. The poems and stories in this book are a simple expression of just that.

Monster on the 7th
By Richard De Fino